Self Care Box- Large

Self Care Box- Large

Per Box (Per Month)

Do you work in a helping profession, where you give to clients all day long and sometimes run out of time to recharge? Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, State Social Workers, Teachers, Advocacy Workers, Therapists, Case Managers, Non Profit Staff of all types... This box is for you.

Every month recieve your box with self care items, handmade and locally sourced products among other items specifically chosen to provide Serenity, Peace, and international love of yourself in various forms.

Things that might be included: (each box will vary monthly in exact products included, these are items that could be in any variation but will not always complete one box)

  • Various scented candle
  • Various wood burned decoration item
  • Various Bath Salt and/or Sugar Scrub
  • Various styled small Heating Pads
  • Small art item (ex. Mini Canvas & Mini Paints)
  • Various Teas
  • Various Snack/Candy/Treat

Large boxes will come with larger items, 5-10 items depending on size

Monthly Payments

Large box- $50

Quarterly Payments *Every three mths*

Large box- $130 (Save $20)

Semester Payments *Every six mths

Large Box- $270 (Save $30)

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